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MarilynYoga Free Yoga MP3 Downloads

Audio Recordings To Download for Free

Hear my introduction by clicking –here

I have made these recordings that you can freely download and use. You can put them on your iPod or make a CD from them to play on your Hi-Fi by using a program like iTunes, Download here

You may also make a copy for your friends or anyone that you feel might benefit from listening to them. Please do not

re-distribute them for financial gain. I hope you enjoy them.


Please Remember:

You should NEVER USE Relaxations & Meditations while driving.



Click – ‘Download’ to download a zip file to your computer.

Double-Click the zip File to expand it and give you an MP3 for

your iPod or your computer.

Some may have more than one track, in which case the zip file will expand to give you a folder with several MP3s inside.

Add the MP3s to your player of choice by your usual method. 

Please Note:

Users of older systems may need WinZip to open Zip files.

Download it here 


Sound Advice – Get Yourself Prepared  Download  

This is a short guide to the preparations you should make before any relaxation or meditation and avoids having to have a ‘get-ready’ part on each track.

Try to listen to this first.


My Original, First, Giveaway CD (Now here as MP3s)  Download

My first attempt at recording some years ago.

All started with a gift of recording studio time from one of my sons and his, now, wife. (Enormous thanks!)

It consists of an introduction/guide pdf and two MP3s that will download together in a zipped folder.

The first is a ten-minute ‘power-nap’ to energise and revitalise with the  second a slightly short version of Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool for relaxation and may take a little getting used to, so be patient, give it a little time. You will also benefit from reading the enclosed preparation guide before you let yourself float into this amazing realm of peace and tranquility.

I have given away many copies of this CD to students and friends over the years and it has found its way to lots of interesting locations.

It was once heard quietly playing as soothing background sound in an animal sanctuary. The staff said that they thought it helped to calm the stressed pets.


If that is all it ever achieves, then it was all worth it just for that one thing, but I truly believe it can help everyone in some way, big or small.

Please give it a try. 


Chakra Relaxation  Download

Just under thirty minute relaxation based around our whole body with particular focus on the Chakras. Including an under two minute preparation track, the two MP3 tracks will download together in a zipped folder of about 36MB.

As an experiment you may like to play the tracks in the browser of your computer or your phone.

This will of course consume data from your allocation, and they will NOT remain on your device when you close the browser, unless you ‘Save File As…’  from the secondary-click menu on a computer.

(You likely won’t be able to save them directly to your phone.)

Therefore you will probably best be connected to a WiFi network to try this.

Listen to:

Preparation here

Chakra Relaxation here


Relax and Let Go    Download

A five minute relaxation to wind yourself down after a stressy day.


Candle Breathing  Download

The simplest of breathing exercises, a standard tool that really works. When you need to ‘press the pause button’ and gather yourself, or for that count-to-ten moment if you start to get a little rattled. It can also be very good for lowering blood pressure



I would really appreciate your feedback when you have tried

these tracks. I am aware of the differences between a class

and a recording and I will try to improve the effectiveness 

as I go along by listening to what the users have to say

and making changes if necessary.