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Zoom Classes – Hints, Tips and Tricks...

The Zoom-Class experience has come as something pretty new for many of us, and mainly brought about by the current pandemic situation.

I think we are probably all learning new stuff and likely at many different speeds. I am pretty sure my grandkids would be experts in minutes, but for the rest of us it may 'take a little time'


So I have started this page to share thoughts and ideas on how to get the best Zoom experience and am asking everyone to contribute if you have a tip.

      [Email to: info@marilynyoga.com with ZOOMTIPS in the subject line]


Here are a few to set off with:

First – Accessing my online classes…

In order to access the classes it is best to download the Zoom app to your device in advance.  Although clicking the invitation link will guide you to download the App., but doing it in advance makes for an easier first class.

On a mobile device, download the Zoom app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)  

Then – After booking a class you will be sent an email confirmation that contains a Zoom Invitation link that you will need to join the class at the appointed time.  If you don't receive a booking confirmation email quickly or any links don’t work, then please email me:  info@marilynyoga.com


Practising at home may come with more distractions, so I recommend that you set the space before starting a class. Gather any props and support you may need, set your mobile phone aside, light a candle or some incense and carve out the time and space for yourself.


If you like to practice to music then you can have your own music playing but please make sure you are muted when it is playing.


When you join the class, you will be automatically muted. You have the option to share your video so that the teacher and other students can see you. This is completely optional, but many have found it does make for a better experience.


After the class ends you have the option to unmute yourself  (but please turn off your music ) and chat with me and other students should you wish.


Just a few useful tips to get us going, but if you have some little thing, either with the way you engage in the class, the hardware that you use, or the Zoom app interface itself. I am sure everyone will benefit if we share our hints, tips and tricks.


Thanks again.

Much Love
 – Marilyn