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My weekly drop in classes are for everyone
...All shapes and sizes, ages, and abilities, either sex

What will a weekly class do for you?

The practice will balance your hormone system [imagine that?]
It will strengthen your nervous system, build healthier bones, revitalize your immune and digestive system, can cure constipation, help with IBS and keep you more flexible. It can help keep arthritis at bay and reduce blood pressure, anxiety, give a healthier back, purify your blood stream and bring balance to body mind and soul. Breathing exercises will help with such conditions as asthma.
You will learn to harness the energy of our minds, so you can be in control of yourself, rather than being controlled by your thoughts and feelings. Yoga is like a precious jewel of sacred knowledge and power.
You will learn some of its many facets.
It will make your life shine.


YogaFoundation Level 1 & 2

(Please look out for notifications) 

Structured, Certificated Courses to extend your Yoga.

Inspirational for students and teachers or anyone with an open

and enquiring mind. Specially created for those who want to look further into this wonderful journey of Yoga.

It will be one Saturday or Sunday per month.

Running over twelve months. A total of 60 hours.

To get details, when available, click ‘My Courses’ then ‘Workshops & Others’
You may also contact me directly for information on proposed future courses, including my new YogaFoundation course. 

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