meditation and relaxation


Meditation, Breathing and Relaxation

Meditation is nothing Mysterious...

Without doubt, as well as having the enjoyment of being with like minded people, the most rewarding side effect of meditation is that it makes us happy. The expulsion of chronic stress, and the raising of our consciousness makes us happy with, and within, ourselves.

I have been meditating for many years.

I have studied, experimented with and compared many techniques, carefully examining their results.

The meditation techniques we will be practising, are natural, effortless and enjoyable.


Why meditate?

Did you realise that Meditation can actually be FUN?

Scientists have studied it, doctors have recommended it,

millions of people practice it every day.



...Because meditation actually works.

It gives us more energy, causes us to be more efficient and

to have more joy in our lives.

It stops the feeling that life is rushing away, like water trickling through your fingers.

By taking a few minutes each day, just to sit in a peaceful state, you will still your senses, and slow down the craziness of our modern lives.

Regular practice will help to improve your physical, biological and psychological functioning. Meditation, with systematic relaxation, is a powerful way to revitalize and rejuvenate your physical body, and while using its techniques we can prevent and dispel mood changes and irritability.

It is not some mystical 'mumbo jumbo' and uses no form of drug to calm your body and your spirit.

The systematic method of meditation, breathing and relaxation, that I learned in India, is a potent tool. You will find that it dramatically increases your intellectual performance, your creativity and enhances your intuitive powers.

Give yourself this pure time to relax, to restore, and to rejuvenate.

Just be you.

Simply by using the power of your mind, you will be able to control your breathing, become, more relaxed and gain a truly positive approach to every day life...

The first step is to learn.


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