Teaching - New Form and Function for a New Age
Yoga Classes, Courses, and indeed myself are changing as the interesting times in which we live evolve at a surprising, exciting pace.
Becoming aware of these trends and changes has helped me respond to the situation, by adopting a refreshed approach to my teaching principals.
I am fully committed to passing on my lifetime’s Yoga Learning, but in a way appropriate and effective for MarilynYoga in the twenty-first century.

Regular Weekly Yoga Classes at External Locations are now
Replaced with more Direct and Personal Teaching Experiences
Below are the Classes, Courses, Teaching and Mentoring Available

My more-direct teaching in the future will be significantly more individual and small-group based. There has been an overall feeling that this is the best way for me to fulfil my role and life’s work as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Practitioner. There will be some larger, Subject-Orientated, Group Events and Short Retreats scattered throughout the year as these have always been hugely enjoyable and fulfilling for all those involved.

We have lots to do…TOGETHER. 


Meditation for Today!

Is a series of small Meditation gatherings where we can learn the Whats, the Whys, and the Hows of our meditation skills.

Suitable for any level of meditator, we will learn to understand exactly where Meditation can lead us. We will learn how it has been confirmed to benefit us in significant medical and health studies. We will learn where exactly it originated and more significantly, we will learn about our inner self. This is the ultimate goal and a small group practice is the way to make gains.

As a short series rather than 'drop-in' these can be the most cost-effective way of getting the benefits of real Meditation.


All available Dates and Times will be posted here.


Yoga for Today!

Is a flexible teaching environment that can be tailored to suit individuals.

There will be some small-group, specialist series, where a commitment of only several weeks is required and some teaching from me will start a beginner on the correct and easiest route or take a more experienced student on a fine-tuning of mind and body by getting the most from Asana and Yoga Breathing. There will be One-on-One teaching and coaching available also that can be structured to suit your own personal requirements, unlike a group class which usually follows the direction of the whole body of students.

All available Dates and Times will be posted here.


The Yoga-Philosophy Way for Today!

As you will well understand by now, I believe that the more we understand the background to things the more we can benefit.

Yoga is no different.

Yoga Philosophy is an exciting and fascinating subject. It can reveal as much about ourself as it does the motivation of the great Yogis of our times and of ancient history.

This series of Yoga-centric gatherings will spark your enthusiasm and leave you with a deep understanding of how to fulfil your full potential, even if you do not feel the need to do a 'Yoga Fitness Class' workout every week.

In short, We will re-route your Philosophical viewpoint… TOGETHER.


Guidance and Mentoring for Today!

Through feedback from my long list of Mail-out Readers I have been encouraged to provide some gentle and supportive mentoring, almost counselling, to students. We are going through tough times, both mentally and physically and the Yogic way of life can be a powerful and very subtly effective  ’tool’ to carry with us. I can be available for One-to-One short sessions and a very short series can have a satisfyingly low cost. These can be telephone, online or face-to-face and individually tailored.

Please email initially with your phone number and I will contact you to discuss. 


The Path Revelation for Today!

Is a series of short get-togethers, for semi-structured discussion and learning that will shine a light on the various and many paths to a Yogic Lifestyle that we can follow. You will gain a greater understanding of what it is to allow Yogic principles to guide you and those around you. Your loved ones will see, share and benefit from a refreshed you.

YOU can do it TOGETHER


Reiki for Today!

Sometimes a Reiki Treatment will be a beautiful way to release oneself from the daily pressure.

Preparing for an operation or family event and also 'recovering' from the same or similar, this 'healing' hour is an inexpensive way to allow your mind, body and spirit to reboot and recharge.

Email initially or telephone direct to arrange a booking


Ongoing Reiki Teaching:

It seems like Reiki has been in my life forever, but it hasn’t. I came across Reiki some years ago and was gently led down an alternative path to what we describe as Reiki Healing. I am an experienced Reiki Teacher and Reiki Master, which simply means I am master of myself in the Reiki tradition. Through Attunements I am able to pass on the fascinating and incredibly fulfilling ability.

There are four levels: Reiki-1, Reiki-2, Reiki Master and Reiki Teaching. I will be continuing with these Reiki Days in 2023 and they will be announced here. Or you can email me or telephone to discuss your interest.

for 2023:

As these teaching possibilities evolve, all details will be posted here with a fully detailed info page for each just a click away.

Thanks for being with me.

We can and will do this TOGETHER

                                              – Marilyn

Full details and information available very soon, meanwhile

for now please contact me direct:
Tel: 01457 870453