Reiki Healing

[This is a page that will contain audio tracks that relate to our more usual Reiki get-togethers]


Online Audio Classes – Reiki

Below are a series of Online Audio Classes that I will try to make more like our 'normal' Reiki get-togethers. I will attempt to keep them to a familiar style and format so that we can 'play' them here (in a window of our browser) simultaneously. You can of course download and play at your convenience,
but if we can get together at the same specific time we may be able
to share our Reiki energy as we do in more settled times.
Let’s hope we can support each other by bathing ourselves in Reiki energy. 

NEW– This week – A 27min Online Reiki Healing for 13th May 2020.

Play MP3 in your browser – Here   or Download ZipFile – Here


25 Mar 2020–Online Reiki Share(MP3) – Here or Download ZipFileHere