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Due to the Covid19 situation

I have suspended all my

attended classes, courses and workshops

However I am now holding

Zoom Online Video Classes 

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Below is how things were planned for the early part of 2020. How quickly things changed!

But I will leave these details online as examples of what, under normal circumstances I have available:

Very Special, Longer Courses

For those students who want to take their Yoga further than our regular weekly classes can offer.
YogaFoundation Level1 (YFL1)


YogaFoundation Level2 (YFL2)

These are modern and fresh, structured, Certificated Courses, built from my own Yoga experience and training.

...Yoga to really build on.


YogaFoundation Level1

The brand new, life changing course.

It is a course that will give you all of the skills and confidence you need in your yoga  journey  and will run over a full 12 months. One weekend day per month, and will cover yoga philosophy, history, meditation, asana work, magical mudras, chanting and pranayama. It is a wonderful foundation for everyone who wants to learn more, go deeper, and to experience yoga on a profound and personal level It  is a prerequisite for anyone who would like to go on to teach yoga. Time will be taken to find the right teacher training course for you if this is where you want to go.  Specialist teachers will be invited to broaden our knowledge. Places are limited for this course

Register your interest by email and more details will be sent to you.

We can arrange a chat if you wish and answer any questions

you might have.

There is already a waiting list and these students will be offered

the first places. 

Begins July 2019 

Please email for application form with dates and course structure.


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application form that you can print out or download. 

YogaFoundation Level2

The much awaited YogaFoundation Level 2 is now underway

and ready to go.

If you have completed YogaFoundation Level 1 ,or similar, or any teacher training, and wish to move deeper, then it is time for YFL2. 

There will be  space to use much more potent pranayama and meditation. Delving more deeply  we will come to an understanding  of the great philosophy in the yoga texts.  YFL2 is grounded in the classical traditions of the Yoga texts, Patanjali’s Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita. Yoga has transformed my life and I feel honoured to pass on the things that I  have learned so far as a student of Yoga. 

Application form with dates and course structure available.

Please email


Click –here

To open a page in your browser with information and an

application form that you can print out or download.

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If you have any more questions, would like to discuss any aspect of the course, or you would like to register an interest in the next one, as always, you are very welcome to contact me at anytime.

By telephone: 01457 870453

By Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

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