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awt-plainheader455 My Yoga is unashamedly personal
– that's how it should be for us all.
I have taken the phenomenal techniques of Yoga, taught to me by numerous teachers, from many different traditions and parts of the world  to transform my whole outlook on life and way of being.
I have been passing on the love and benefits of yoga for over twenty five  years, and I can only say that practising and teaching Yoga, for me, gets better and better.

In my classes, as in this web site, you’ll find new ideas, new ways of looking at yourself and the people in your life. In here I hope you will find some yoga titbits that you can apply to everyday life. I would like for this website to whet your appetite so that you will come to experience more of the vast new horizons of Yoga.

I know it can transform your life from the inside out

and from the outside in.

I know because I have tried it. You won’t know until you try.

I hope you will approach Yoga with an open mind and an open heart. Practice the exercises and the meditations.

They have transformed my life for the better.

I know they can do the same for you


Knowing is not enough,

Willing is not enough,

Reading about it is not enough.

We have to do it. 

Come along with me,

experience my teaching.

it is quite easy…

You don’t have to be fit or bendy.

I teach Yoga for all.

Everyone, no matter what shape, size, gender, age or fitness level, everyone  who has to cope with the daily stresses and challenges daily life, of keeping jobs, bringing up families, managing businesses, dealing with money issues, relationships.

Yoga gives results in the shortest possible time.

For the physical exercises if you can breathe and just lean in the right direction, I am sure you will be benefit from it.

If you could have seen me when I first started, I was the lumpiest, most un-coordinated person on the planet.

Yoga is like a magic crystal. It will make your life shine.

I can offer it to you and still keep it for myself.

It will simply multiply.

In fact the sharing makes it even bigger and brighter for me.


My Yoga History.

I started practicing over forty five years ago at a night school and simply went one evening a week. I was hooked almost immediately.

I bought a book and with its help did a bit of the practice at home because I always felt so much better when I did.

Then thirty years ago I went to Skiros, a holistic holiday centre in Greece, and there I practiced every day with a teacher for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks...


I felt brilliant.

I felt lighter, much more positive, more joyful, more alive.

Through doing exercises?

I started to really learn the power of yoga. I came home and found a new teacher, who happened to be the future Chairman of the BWY, and was running a teacher training course. I jumped on it, eager to learn more. After a year into the course, Satya Prem, my teacher, telephoned one day and said

”I have found you class for you to teach”...

“What?” I said.

To which he replied. “You can do it”. And I did. I have never looked back. I found my niche. This is where I want to be. This is what I want to do. I love it. there is never a day that I do not want to be at a class. There is never a day I do not think about my students and what we are going to do, to think about, this week. There has never been a time I have not wanted to teach a class

I finished the BWY Teacher Training Course and went on to do a Two Year Yoga Therapy Course at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital on Great Ormond Street, London, specialising in Well Woman.. all aspects of women’s health... management of lower back pain with yoga, breathing disorders and help with yoga for cancer patients and their carers.

I then went to India to the Bihar School of Yoga ashram to do a five month course in yogic studies, the philosophy, Yoga Therapy and psychology, and to live an ashram life. After coming home I have studied in depth with Shiva Rea, for flow yoga, Ana Forest, studied at the Mandala Asram in Wales and in America to study and  more teacher training with Erich Schiffman. with Bernie Clarke in Canada for Yin Yoga. I have continued studies for meditation and relaxation with the Satyananda [Bihar School] and also hold Teacher Training Certificates for teaching Yoga to children,  working with Cancer patients  and teaching Pranayama and Meditation.  Going deeper I have directed Foundation Courses and courses in Yogic Studies, Practising and teaching Yoga is my full time work and my passion. Accompanied with Reiki Healing, I have found that Reiki is so close to Yoga in many ways. It walks hand in hand and certainly along the path of personal and spiritual development.

As a Yoga teacher and therapist and a practising Reiki Master, I truly believe that the Yoga philosophy has something to offer everyone.

It encourages and allows you to be yourself, express yourself and have faith in yourself.