We’ve all heard that said at some time,

But do we really understand

The Strength And Amazing Healing Power Of Our Breath?



I have a wonderful workshop that is not to be missed if you

want to upgrade your life  – in emotion, joy, peace

and in your experience of life itself.

Plus a great way to increase your overall competence,

enlarging your coping toolbox.

It’s Your Breath.

It’s always available and It’s free. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

We know all that…   Don’t we?

Yes, but correct management and understanding of the potential and

power of our breath can transform our whole being, our outlook on life.

We just have to know how to handle it and show it who’s in charge.

Actually, it’s quite simple.

(Easy for me to say Huh?)

But, again, as with most things, it is all about

being shown the path to follow.

For two hours on the Sixteenth of May,

I will show you that path.

It is a workshop for anybody, no matter what your

breath capacity, or physical capabilities.

I will teach you that it is about finding the path that suits you.

I will reveal the simple map that will guide you.

You will be provided with that map to download and keep.

A map that you can refer to whenever you feel lost,

or a little wandery. (new word?)

There will be fresh techniques plus regular, established ones,

that you can build into your practise and the

teachers among you will love to pass on to your students.


We will include First Aid breathing practises… for things like panic attacks.

Methods that will help in pre-stressful situations like interviews.

or dealing with difficult people or entering a room on your own.

Or even facing massive changes, like illness,

job changes or deaths of friends and loved ones.


You will learn different ratio breathing for health conditions, physical,

emotional and general wellbeing with important Mudras for breathing.

There will be Asanas to improve respiratory capabilities.

And we will nudge the vital life force energy,

Prana, to nourish sustain and support you.

There will also be fun things to try that can
help children with breathing issues.


And of course as you regulate your breath to a quieter, softer breathing,

you will come closer to a much deeper, healing relaxation

with a meditation more insightful and closer to yourself.


The only thing you need to bring along is…

Well, nothing really.

You already have it.

Just learn to use it!

16th May 2021  –  10.30am till 12.30pm   –  £15.00

See you then

                            – Marilyn

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