Online ZOOM Classes from MarilynYoga

Yoga is the best investment you could EVER make.


The practise of yoga will keep you fit and healthy, peaceful,

calm and strong. My Zoom Online classes can provide this even in these difficult times. But, if you want long term benefits, you must make long-term investments.

It’s easy though…  And you don’t even have to be fit or bendy.

I have the following classes at the moment.

But there is so much more to come. You will be in the comfort of

your own home and connect via your computer, tablet or phone...

Give it a try!

[My Regular Weekly Zoom Classes follow below Up-Coming Events]

Talks and Joys, Events and Classes for 2021

Uplifting Specials to Herald a NEW YEAR for us all:


Storytelling with Karma

[Date ToBeAnnounced]

Karma will be storytelling for grown-ups.

She is very talented and a gifted presenter and performer. 

You will be entranced and entertained by heart-warming stories from a 'master' [mistress?] storyteller.

Please watch my website for the date announcement.

This is definitely not an evening to miss.


Teacher Talk

Friday 8th January

7pm till 8pm

Help and support for teachers, student teachers, and students wishing to become Yoga teachers.

It is a gathering to come together for advice, to get questions answered and generally exchange tips and learn ideas that we can all benefit from.

Why not email in a question to start the ball rolling.

Cost £3.00 per person.


Yoga Forum

Wednesday 20th January

7pm till 8pm

Here you can chat with like minded people about all things Yoga or probably anything else.

The common factor is that we all have arrived here through some sort of Yoga connection and share a love of the lovely things that make us who we are. You may come to Yoga classes or even just 'know someone that does'.  Whatever the link, come along and chat.

All are welcome.

You could also send in a question or a topic  to break the ice.

There is no cost but you will need to book-in in the usual way.

Eight Week Yogic Studies Course

            – Starts 21st February – Some Places Still Available –

My much heralded Yogic Studies Course, has drawn a lot of  interest.

This is built from the core of my learning when I was in India studying for four months at the Bihar School of Yoga ashram.
I have examined it all and made adjustments for today’s needs. 

It involves some Yoga philosophy, of course, and asks the question:

What is yoga all about? 

More importantly perhaps its relevance, in the world of today and in the West. The ethics and morals of Yoga here and now.

We will examine Asana which is a heavy focus in the West, but we will put it into perspective while understanding the hidden stories and meanings inside them.
There will be one Asana studied in depth each class.

There will be extensive other areas that we will study such as the withdrawing of the senses for meditation. Examining the importance and benefits some often neglected areas of Yoga like mudras, Bandhas, Mantras, Chanting and the meaning of Aum (Om) 

And much much more…

The learning of yoga is never ending.  

But it’s not just to 'get better at Yoga',

It is to understand it.

This, in turn, takes us to understanding ourselves and life.


Course starts on SUNDAYS 

7pm till 8.30pm

We start on the 21st of February and then the 28th.

Then the 7th of March

We take a two week break here to assimilate, practise, query, and assess.

And we re-start on SATURDAYS

7pm till 8.30 pm

27th of March and 

the 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th of April

There will be help and support throughout

There is no examination but it is a 12 hour course and must be attended in full to receive your certificate of completion.

The cost is £120.00 

including your certificate.

One-To-One Personal Teaching and Coaching

These are one-hour Zoom meetings for individual Yoga, Breathing Improvement, Reiki, or Mentoring.

Dates arranged to suit.

£20.00 per session.


I also have some longer in-depth courses:


This meditation training will help you cope much better with the ups and downs of life, and even thrive. There will be daily practises to give a framework and support. By doing this you’ll start to recognise your own resilience. No matter how challenging the world gets, you will cope more advantageously. Stress and tension will not  snuff out the eternal light that burns brightly inside you. You will  explore  your inner world. It’s beautiful in there. These practices will remind you of that place inside that is whole, radiant, eternal.

You’ll find the strength to fully step into your power.

You will find this time to ask yourself…

What do I want my life to be like?

Who am I really? 

Meditation is much much more than sitting blissed out for half an hour a day. It’s a strategy for living life fully and completely and not being overwhelmed by it.

We are going to include a unique and new  sound healing meditation that you will gain huge benefit from.

Meditation is easy but needs help and support  Once you have established your routine you won’t ever want to miss it. It brings you home. The course is for anyone, but also for teachers who want to learn more and pass on this wonderful approach to leading a quieter more resilient, more joyful life.

The only requirement is your commitment.

Dates are Four Sundays in January 2021 

The 10th  17th  24th and 31st

Times are:

2pm till 3pm on the10th and 17th 

6pm till 7.30 pm on the 24th and 31st

The cost is £60.00 inclusive (payable in full on booking)


In Depth Pranayama Course

Six wonderful transformative weeks. 

Stating a truth that needs to be told, 'breathing is very important.'

How we are breathing is essential to vibrant health. The better we  breathe (slow, even, smooth), the more gratitude joy and happiness we will experience - really! 

Enjoy the following six safe and transformative weeks.

This course will help you learn breathing techniques that can be utilised when practicing Yoga postures or in meditation. If you're a yoga teacher, you'll discover effective ways to introduce these techniques to students you learn how to cultivate deep relaxation and serenity in your mind-body connection. Consider this your guide to better energy flow for physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

This  course includes:

Strategies to help you be more mindful of your breath.

Postural sequences to prepare for Pranayama. 

Asana and work to support your spine, ribs, and lungs in preparation for comfort when practising seated Pranayama. 

The cost is £90  


Friday evenings  7pm till 8.30 pm


January 22nd and 29th  February 5th 12th 19th and 26th

There will be a certificate assigned to all who complete the whole of the course with no time missing.  

The cost is £90


Other Feature Events:

We have some more Teacher talks

(support for teachers) and Yoga Forums.

These are online meetings with like minded people – chat about all things yoga and the price of apples. Which we will have again.

They have been really good.

We Will Have MORE Wonderful entertaining talks….

Some of our Feature Events will include or spotlight other teacher-friends or subject-specialists and knowledgeable experts.

There will always be something for everybody

Keep looking at for updates, new ideas, new inspiration.

Some at No-Cost or Low-Cost.

All this to make…

                            …More Than Just a Yoga Class


My Regular Weekly Zoom Classes:

Easy to Book in Advance from the link on the homepage or Here

Monday – Meditation Relaxation and Breathing

( This is the Ultimate in self-care.)

6:15pm till 7:15pm

Meditation isn’t about sitting about with a blank mind.

it’s more about finding joy in the mundane, it helps us find the sunshine and peace. It is truly is the best investment you can make.

Don’t miss out.

£3.00 per session


Tuesday Morning Yoga 

10am till 11am

A one hour gentle Restorative Yoga class.

Everyone is welcome, all ages, and all will enjoy.

The donations from this class, are given to a range of charities.

And you may like to suggest a charity (big or small) that we can also  donate to – Contact me directly at any time.

Suggested donation £4.00.

Tuesday Evening – Weekly YinYoga Class

7pm till 8.15pm

Wonderful Weekly Yin Yoga Class.

(Suitable for all.)

Yin yoga is an increasingly popular style of practisie.

It has to be experienced to be believed.

On a regular basis after one week you feel better, after three weeks you look better and after six weeks there will be no looking back!

It gives a space to slow down rather than always rushing and striving to achieve – a period of stillness and quiet.

What a way to treat yourself!

It’s a must for self nurturing.

£6.00 per session

Thursday Evening Yoga

6.15pm  till 7.30pm

All are welcome.

Beginners and more advanced students together help build our Yoga community and help provide 'More than just a Yoga Class'

This committed practise will help to keep you healthy, energised, balanced, and calm, with your immune system boosted.

It soaks us with feelings of peace and goodwill. Come with us.

£6.00 per session


And Coming Shortly, more and more-varied…
( Always in the planning stages or in my mind! )

These include Longer Courses for:


Certificated Pranayama

Certificated Yogic Studies

Mindfulness courses

Help and mentoring for teachers

Inspirational Guest Teachers with varied specialist subjects 

Philosophy of Yoga

Retreats ( refreshing new ways to find more 'me-time'  )

Yoga Forum



Certificated – how to practise in three stages.

Levels One,  Two and Three

One to one  healing sessions ( available now )

Reiki Sharing


Keep watching as things evolve… And please join in when you can.


PDF-Downloadable Guides:

Email me direct:


How to prepare for your home practise

(to receive: email with HOME PRACTISE in the subject line.)