Planting Seeds…

– A Weekend Workshop With a Difference –

Rise with the Sun, and Bloom when You’re Ready

This is a very special Weekend Workshop.

Quite unusual and quite delicious…

Using fabulous Yoga Flows, Mudras and Mantras.

Then slowing down each and every transition

from pose to pose in order to feel exactly what is happening.

We will let it all soak into our body along with

absorbing into our psyche the real essence of the pose. Simply allowing every action to take longer than usual, will be like the lotus reaching up through the layers of mud until it is finally ready to bloom.

                                       Just as you will be!

Be brave…

Take a couple of hours out for yourself !

We know the world is undergoing radical change. Perhaps you feel, deep inside, that it's time for a personal breakthrough too.


There will be some comforting usual Yoga Flows -  but done with a difference - a different kind of working.  So more new tools for your toolbox, empowering  you to meet any challenges.

But always to come from your real centre of truth and love.


If you love stretching beyond your comfort zone and expanding your consciousness you will discover your fearless, limitless essential nature, and live in connection to your soul.

We have all experienced peace through the practise of Yoga, but often it ends when you step off the mat.

                           This could take you beyond the mat !

Date:  Sunday 11th April 10.30am till 12.30pm  Cost: £15.00

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