Creating Positive Energy, Fire, Joy and Ultimate Bliss

to take away with you.


Of course it's suitable for all.. 

You are never too old

And you are not allowed to use the:

'Im not feeling well enough' one either.


If you think you are to old to rock and roll then you are!

( said Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead )


You can do this at any level that suits you.

Do it from a chair if you wish,

or swinging from the rafters.


We will purge and tonify (is that a word?)

We will balance our energy.


One of the big things, and very freeing, is:

Don’t wish you were anyone else

Dont look up at anyone

and don’t look down on anyone.


Watch out  

There may be Fun in there…

…Come one come all.


You can always leave if you feel it’s too much, too early.

But if you view it as a little ’Starter Pack’ it will set up Sunday as a SuperDay and you will be ready for breakfast with a big, fresh smile on your face.  



Sunday Morning  27th June

7.30 am till 9.30 am

£15.00 per Zoom Room


Lots of love and fond dreams of never being too old to rock.



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