Often there are worries and even stresses about chanting Aum (Om), or even chanting at all. But Krisna Dass, world famous chanter says ‘chanting is not singing'. and again he emphasises - 'Chanting is NOT singing'.
It’s all about vibrations and energy.
We are all energy beings resonating with vibrations.
Everything resonates within us.
If we can get to really understand that, things 
get a lot better and easier

But when we chant Aum in a class,
the mind interferes with all sorts of ideas that can ruin our experience.

‘Are my Aums too long, too  short?’

‘Will people not like me for ruining their Aum time if I am not doing it right?

‘ Why won’t my breath stay for as long as other peoples?’

‘Why do we have to chant these funny words that I don’t understand?’

‘I’m very out of tune, what’s wrong with me?’

The short answer is that nothing is wrong except our conditioning and learnt behaviour, being told  that we must ‘sing in tune’ Everything around us is pulsating and vibrating — nothing is really standing still.
The sound Aum, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.
As such, AUM is the basic sound of the universe, so by chanting it, we are symbolically and physically acknowledging our connection to
nature and all other living beings.

Beginning and/or ending your yoga session with AUM can help you connect to the practise in a deeper way.The sound itself calms the nervous system’

 When we sound Aum together, we're aligning our body, mind, spirit, and  with one another and with the universe.
It shifts us out of the monkey mind and unites us as a group.
Aum is really three syllables…  Ahh – Ooo – Mmmmmm

That sense of infinity you feel as that final "mmm" gradually fades into nothing is enhanced by what many call the fourth syllable.   

Merge your chant from the mmm to the deep silence. Take this time to absorb, to feel, whether you are chanting yourself or simply  listening to others  Feel the vibrations, the cessation of the monkey mind.  

Observe how you feel now.


The soul has been given its own ears to hear things

the mind does not understand." ~ Rumi


I will leave you with some beautiful Aums from Hein Braat,

but there are many more on Youtube

He was the first chanting I ever heard forty- odd years ago.

He blew my mind.

Just feel his Omms go straight to your heart


Hein Braat – Click Here


Deva Premal and Mitten - An angel singing to you and with you – Click Here 


And Krisna Dass wise, humble, beautiful, down-to-earth man, 

devoting his life to loving awareness – Click Here


These  are some of the most beautiful chanters in the world. 

You can feel that it comes right from their inner-most being.

Soak yourself in it.

‘Keep singing. It uncovers the love. The love of who we truly are."

~Krishna Das

With love

                                                          – Marilyn