Join us for a Deep Dive into Myth, Story Telling,

 Meditation and Poetry as we go in search of Soul.
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Without soul there would be no life, no love, no wisdom, no poetry, no myths or stories, nothing to learn and nothing to transform. Soul is a fragment of the divine, our companion through life, there to help us overcome the difficulties it creates for us and, in overcoming, enables a life rich in beauty.

In the first of these workshops we’ll journey to the lands of the far north to explore the ancient myth of ‘SealSkin–SoulSkin’. We’ll create a ritual space to attract the myth, the ancient wisdom as we explore our relationship to these rich images and their significance to us in our lives today


Over and over we lose this sense of feeling we are

wholly in our skins through extended duress.

Those who toil too long without respite are also at risk.

The soulskin vanishes when we are not paying attention

to what we are really doing and particularly the cost to us.

The only way to hold on to this sensual SoulSkin is to retain

an exquisitely pristine consciousness about its value and uses.

                                     – Clarissa Pinkola Estés


I’d like everyone to bring their imagination, a candle and something to light it with and a note book.. 

With Love  – Lynne Marie

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Cost £5.00 per Zoom Room.

[ All monies go to the Manchester Buddhist Centre ]

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