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Discover Yourself with Yoga 

Some people associate yoga with hermits sitting on mountain peaks, or in caves, or with people who sleep on beds of nails,
or with persons who twist and bend themselves into impossible positions.
There have been books written by authors from the West who tend to emphasize the more physical aspects of the practice... the asanas and breathing exercises [pranayama]. There are writings by Indian Yogis who mainly deal with the abstract aspects, such as deep meditation and reaching bliss [samadhi].

But Yoga is not for a few select individuals, it is for all, the rich and the poor, the young and old, the fit and ailing the large and small, slim or stout and even those who are just right.

The real aim of yoga is to attain peace and tranquillity
within yourself.
Yoga is practical and has nothing to do with philosophical
flights of fancy.
Its practice alone can remove mental and physical afflictions and can bring a great feeling of joy to our hearts and and our homes. Yoga has a special role to play in the world today.
Being a highly rational science, yoga can benefit all people under all circumstances of life. after our daily work and the stresses of the twenty first century, it can bring back vigour, youthfulness, resilience and restore equilibrium.
Yoga can become a powerful remedy against exhaustion,
physical, mental and spiritual.
Age is no barrier. Whether on the threshold of life, or the later years, anyone can learn yoga. In yoga there are no limiting factors. Indeed yoga is about pushing out our boundaries and seeing what else life has to offer
Ask yourself:
Do you enjoy a happy and harmonious life?
Are you on fire with enthusiasm in your day to day work and life?
When adverse events try to crush you, can you rise above them with a cool head and easy assurance?
...If not, take to yoga!