Drums, Chimes, Journeys and Times

                   …Our Inner Child can help us more than we think.


Joanne (Jo Ninada Healing sounds) will be offering the opportunity to meditate and journey with the beat of the drum and whimsical chimes. 

In this session with the use of the drum, you will be taken on a magical

guided visualisation to meet your inner child.

Not sure who he or she is?

Well it is that little child inside of you that desires to be cared for,

loved and nurtured… 

Even (and perhaps more-so) when your an adult.


This is a safe an beautiful experience to connect with a sacred part of YOU.


Drum sound rises on the air, its throb, my heart.

A voice inside the beat says

"I know you're tired, but come. This is the way."

                         – Rumi


Rhythmic beats and sounds  have been a part of Ancient healing practices for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. Indeed, rhythm is a very powerful force, one that can help us move beyond our attachment to thought and shift into a deeper state of awareness


Drumming is used in this experience as it can help induce a meditative state in a way that is enjoyable and happens without effort. The powerful and all-encompassing vibration makes it easy to focus the mind on the rhythm and through active listening it brings you into present awareness to be guided to use your imagination.


Research has shown that there are many benefits to drumming including: 

Boosted immune system and more positive emotions.

The release of Endorphins – feel-good hormones.

Increased energy with physical and energetic balance, inducing deep relaxation, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress.


If this sounds interesting to you then come along.

Make yourself a cosy cocoon to lie down in and then all you have

to do is listen.

Just be open to what is.


Date: Wednesday 25th August   7pm to 8pm

Cost £5.00

Maybe a journal or notebook would be useful to record your experience.

Also, headphones and an eye mask are nice but not essential.

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