One More Time!

– Important News About Classes and More –


Ever Have That Feeling of Déjà Vu ?

You will not be surprised to know I have two knees.

The replaced knee is becoming strong, and the other one

is now the weak knee. It is deteriorating fast.

So I am compelled to do an encore!

I have received a fortuitous appointment to go ahead very soon and

have an operation on the bad knee to bring me back into balance.

I am indeed very fortunate. Thank you NHS. 

But I am looking forward to it with some trepidation.

In the mind-body connection knee trouble is said to mean 

'A fear of moving forward’…   This could be true.

I have been in denial about my knee problems for some time. 

The proposed date of the operation is the 25th of November.

And so my classes will be suspended

From Tuesday the 23rd of November 2021

But I will keep in touch with email updates so that

you will all know when to expect class re-starts.


Luckily, we have some other great stuff

to chat about.

…It’s not all about me, and sorry it’s a bit long.

Welcome to this the especially sensory season of Autumn.

This is the season to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

It’s the season that holds so much promise and potential.

It’s the time of year to release old patterns and make way

for the exciting new seeds to come to fruition next year.

How are you coping with the transition from autumn to winter?

Are you someone who loves the

cosiness of dark nights in by the fireside?

Or does the arrival of longer nights and colder days fill you with dread? 

If we take our lead from nature…

The autumn is a time of drawing inward, resting and recuperating.


So why do we fear the winter's cold 

when under the furrow lies the gold.

The earth bears seeds of fruit to come

and out of the dark new life will come.


Sometimes it can be hard to slow down,

But it really is vital to take some time.

Listen to Autumn,

Smell Autumn

Engage with it.

See the leaves letting go on their way to a new chapter.

Feel the settling down.

The resting period,

The recovery.


The season of your soul,

Take your time to call your spirit back home.


We have just been through the expansive energy of summer and

are now moving towards the inwardly intuitive energy

of the more dark days.


Learn To Trust and Follow Your Intuition

Autumn is the season of ‘knowing’

Messages from your instinct tend to be quiet, so spending time

in silence will help you hear and interpret these messages.

Start noticing all that you can with your five conventional senses.

Doing so will increase your sensitivity to your Sixth Sense.

Pay attention to your dreams. 

When your cognitive mind, left-brain, is busy 'thinking',

it can override the intuitive right-brain and the

subconscious mind is the wellspring of intuition.

When you are sleeping, your cognitive mind rests and opens

spaces for your subconscious mind to signal to via dreams.

Before you leap out of bed see if you can recall a dream

or fragment of a dream and see if it means anything to you.

Dreams are messages…

They are little post-it notes for you.

It’s would be almost rude to leave these messages unread.

Autumn is time to get creative…

Help this along by slowing down.

Take a day, half a day, or even an hour, with nothing planned.

When you are overly busy, it's hard to be sensitive

to the quiet voices of intuition.

Try clearing your schedule, your lists and plans

and allow your intuition speak up.

Don't call yourself too crazy when you do get an intuitive inkling.

Crazy can be good…

Often the cognitive mind, our conditioning,

things that other people have put into us,

will argue with our intuition, rather than allowing us to trust it.

By allowing it to do this, we easily 'rationalise' ourselves

away from the intuitive.

But know that following your intuition can change your life…

For the better!


But Autumn is also a Time of Harvest.

It is an opportunity to look back over the year and consider

where you have been putting your energy, what has come to fruition,

and what sadly failed to yield the harvest you expected.

Who helped you to realise your bountiful harvest?

How can you show them your gratitude?

Apples have ripened on the trees,

corn has been brought in from the fields.

During this season of harvest, let’s enjoy the feast

that nature has laid out before us.

Wherever we live, let us appreciate the generosity

and abundance of the seasons

and remember to appreciate and care for The Earth

 Without Her co-operation, there is no harvest.

One way of thanking the Earth is to treat her with the

kindness and respect she deserves

by embodying the Yogic principle of 

Ahimsa, Non-Harm, or Non-Violence.

Do No Harm To Anything.

We can do this by considering what impact our actions have

upon the environment and aim to act in a way that does least harm.

Watch what you put into land fill.

Landfill is The Earth.

And The Earth is the Planet that we have been entrusted with… FOREVER.

It is quite likely that it is THE ONLY ONE anywhere!


Our Challenge During the Autumn-Winter Period:

Is on the one hand to embrace the darkness

and on the other to bring light into the darkness.

We recognise how darkness offers us rest, regeneration,

and renewal during the autumn-winter months.

At the same time, it’s important to lighten up dark days

by conjuring up healing images of light.


Don’t put it off

Sometimes there is something in your path that you have prayed for

and you walk right past it and then say ‘I will get to that someday.’

Maybe it’s a longing to create more, to do what lights you up.

What makes you feel happy, fulfilled and free.

Perhaps it’s the book you were always going to write,

the painting series you’ve always wanted to paint,

the workshop you have wanted to teach,

Maybe the secret, sacred thing that is waiting

in the recesses of your mind.


Make that someday today.

Don’t wait.

Please don’t wait.

Do what you are called to do.

Do it right now.

You can’t fail.

You can only learn.

More love.  

More blessings.


Keep Warm and Stay Rested!



Some Wise Words from American entrepreneur Jim Rohn:

You must take personal responsibility. 

You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind,

But you can change yourself.

That is something you have charge of.

You don't have charge of the constellations.

But you do have charge of whether you read, develop new skills,

and take new classes.


Remember our Classes are More Than Just Yoga Classes.

Yoga is much, much more about living life to the full

and bringing more joy, more, aliveness, more curiosity and creativity.

How can it do this? 

Give it a chance…

You will only find out when you do it.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to someone you care about.


Please remember I love you all, always.

My Blessings Forever,

                          – Marilyn


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