Phew! – 2022 Update

– MarilynYoga, Sunny Side Up –

 Hello and warm greetings to you all.

We are now heading for lighter nights,

and haven’t we been enjoying these beautiful sunny days?

In my attempts at staying upbeat even when I don’t always feel it,

I look out at our Earth, each day, and feel thankful

and appreciative of all that is on it and in it.

And that it even works at all.

All the things that we humans throw at it,

Our Planet still smiles back at us

and gives us blue skies and sunny days.

Sometimes the sun is above the clouds

and we can’t see it, but it is always there.


It is all in our mind?

Minds have a tendency towards the negative.

I feel this maybe a bit of a protection thing…

'Prepare for the worst then anything else is a bonus'.

But No!

Let’s put some positive energy out there,

with a smile, compassion and kindness.

You will feel your heart open.

Truly you will, there will be an easing and a relief.

This applies to everything we do.

Let’s face 2022 with a big smile whatever is going on.

(Sometimes this is hard to do.)


This brings me to KneeSaga-2 (the sequel)


'I’m doing great' in many ways

but significantly slower recovery than KneeSaga-1.

The first one was perhaps too good to be true

and such high expectations have been harder to maintain.

I have had significant pain and

difficulty in finding comfortable positions to adopt.

Standing up, sitting down, moving around can be good and bad,

depending on its mood.

Even sitting still for a period has been sometimes difficult.

But my knees and I are 'doing great' now

except more slowly than previously.

I will keep working at it.


I think the Pandemic and Lockdown has had

a deep effect on most of us

But there is  still a cry for ‘getting back to normal’.

Do we really want to get back to normal?

Perhaps it is 'normal' that has got us to where we are.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

However, for now, I must get my recovery fully on track.

I have found less is often more,

No need to push too hard.

It’s the same for life off the mat as well. 

I feel blessed in having Yoga and Meditation

to keep me sane and healthy,

with this knee business, general life and the beastly Covid.


Sleep well and do pay attention to your dreams. 

They are little postcards sent to you.

It would be rude to ignore them.


Keep well lovely ones.

And as the poet Mark Rudman says:


"The World is not something to look at,

it is something to be in".


– Marilyn



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