Chakras and Healing

– A Friday Course That Runs For Seven Weeks –

Are you aware that Inside of you there is a wisdom

and a magic that you carry with you always?

You just need to learn how to reveal it.


If you want to ‘know’ the Chakras of the subtle body,

how they work, how to activate and balance them and use them

to begin to heal yourself and others…

Then this, quite clearly, is a course for you.


Experiencing the Chakras brings a sense of excitement and constant expansion. We will come to understand that the knowing of the Chakras at such a profound level relieves all fears such as  lack of money and security, of life itself, of death even.  

These deeper teachings of Yoga applied in a fresh and modern way will have a direct and relevant effect on your life and those around you.

Chakras are a real part of our inner landscape that are often misunderstood, misused, not experienced and often understood only intellectually. We can talk about them and all their symbols, signs and associations but we need to EXPERIENCE them.


This is what we will to do together.

A lot of courses do a wonderful job of explaining the 'what', but often times we're left trying to figure out 'how' in order to fully experience what is being taught to us.

Chakras are the gateways to our inner energy and to our healing energy.

Through proper use, understanding and knowledge of these energy centres we can begin to heal ourselves, and others.

Thus marrying this ancient wisdom with modern information about the natural world, the body, and the psyche.


You don’t need to know anything about the Chakras.

In fact it is sometimes better to have a beginner’s mind so there are

no preconceived ideas.

Be totally, outrageously open and prepare to be amazed.


It is a truly unique course that brings the wisdom and teachings of Yoga together with practices that will allow you to experience this amazing wisdom right into your own home.

If you are already a healer, for example with Reiki, this course will enhance this.


This is a Seven-Week Course

Dates:  Fridays 16th April to the 28th May  –  7pm till 8.30pm

The last week  ( 28th May ) will be  from 7pm till 9pm 

Cost £120 ( payable in full on booking )

And will include recordings for you to catch up, and repeat at your leisure.


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