Are You What You Eat?

                                          …or should you Eat What You Are?


We just can’t live without it!

But there is much confusion and questioning, information and

mis-information that is often not helped with the internet and

social media having such an influence on opinions, beliefs and ‘factoids'.


Are there though amongst it all, Good Principles with Good Guidelines and Good Advice? That is where we will be going with Christine in this enthralling discussion and talk. Ancient wisdom often has food at the heart of its practices and increasingly this wisdom is now being validated by our modern science. There’s an increase in the number of people becoming vegetarian and an even bigger increase in those becoming vegan. Good choices? Maybe? These changes in lifestyle are influenced by many current discussions, debates, scientific research and of course, by people’s desire to live healthily, take care of themselves and take care of planet Earth.


Is anything clear in this huge minefield of information?

Join Christine as she delves in to this discussion with you. The talk will be informed by principles from traditional nutritional ideas in the UK, principles from the ancient health system of Ayurveda and from more recent field of nutritional psychiatry. She will lead you in to questioning which foods are best for achieving and maintaining health.


Looking for clarity with questions like:

Are there good foods and bad foods or just food?

Does my body type matter and Is eating seasonally a benefit or a necessity?

What’s a probiotic or even a prebiotic and Is organic better for us?

Do I need fibre and does fat make me fat and what on earth does

sugar do to us?


We are often compelled to eat at certain times by habits we have formed

and pressures of family and working life. Many of us end up regularly eating too much or too little…

Or at least that is what we are told!!

So, how much should we eat, is there a right or wrong amount?


Please, can’t I just enjoy my food?

…Does it do me more good if I enjoy it? 



…Join Christine in this intriguing conversation where all of this and maybe more will be covered in an hour-long talk.


Date: Wednesday 28th July   7pm to 8pm

Cost £5.00


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