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The Autumn can wait a while. 

But when does come, we have some great courses, workshops and exciting projects to look forward to. I have really enjoyed putting these together and look forward to sharing the joys with you. 

Come along with me, I promise you will regret nothing and love everything.



Awaken, inspire and celebrate the feminine in You.

This day for women offers a rare gift to share deeply with other women.

As we disentangle ourselves from the social, cultural and religious expectations and assumptions that no longer serve us, we can step more into our authentic being. We will bring a deeper understanding to the menstrual or moon cycle, giving us the wisdom to navigate through our internal seasons consciously. Through simple yet profound practices we will awaken and reconnect to our womb space, our innate source of wisdom and power, the sacred vessel of creativity and life. Woven through this retreat will be an exploration of the qualities attributed to Goddess Durga – self-empowerment, determination, courage to face the challenges of life, and a wild Grace. A day of fun and joy where you can quieten a frantic overloaded mind . You can find clarity and direction if you are at a crossroads, through becoming calm, unflustered and centred. It will be a chance to share stories, poems, tales and experiences, even jokes in a totally safe environment. Beautiful restorative Yoga flows, blissful Yin Yoga, and looking at fascinating magical Mudras. Some Mudras are very useful and practical therapeutic tools which can be used on their own in times of need, to help with emotional balancing, headaches, and concentration.  Often at times when we need to simply look after ourselves. 

There will be totally quiet times with no distractions or interruptions  (not easy to find in the home or workspace) plus innovative mindfulness meditations (which are quite amazing), and of course we will take the time for a full Yoga Nidra to settle it all in.

Let yourself unfold, seek-out those closed parts and invite them to gently open, know you are safe to be exactly who and how you are. Show me the whole of you because everything and anything you could show me is sacred and beautiful in my eyes.

                                                            –Oriah Mountain Dreamer  

We will have a shared vegetarian lunch.

Remember this is NOT a competition.

Don’t panic and feel you have to make amazing things.

A bowl of tomatoes,  oranges, or peppers, melon,  cheese, or bread or humus, blueberries, some simple green salad leaves, a salad dressing. Please don’t worry, don’t panic, shared lunches are magical as they always work out just right, and are always so delicious.

Don’t go to huge trouble (unless you really want to and have time). 

Saturday 28th September 11am  till 4.30pm  

Important:  CHANGE of LOCATION – Please Call Me.

Cost £40.00

Places are limited and will fill quickly.

(This is not a drop-in so you must book a place.)

Email to book then the pay deposit of £10.00 to secure place.

(balance payable before start of the day)




Re-balance - find alignment inside and out.

Like all transitions the transition from Summer to Autumn presents us with challenges. But we can maintain our own peace and internal balance by adjusting our Yoga practise and lifestyle to suit.  We cannot change the shifts  in seasonal weather, but we can flow with them. Our Yoga Flow will include empowering Vinyasa and gentle Yin Yoga. We will work with magical Mudras, breathing practises and mediations using the practice to help re-align our selves from the inside.

You will flow, move, rest, release and rejuvenate. Most of all you will go deeply inside yourself to hear the messages from your body, your deep inner knowing and wisdom. You will find your Autumnal Rhythm and your peace with life.

Sunday 22nd September  2pm till 4.30pm

Denshaw Village hall OL3 5SY 

Cost  £20.00

(Including a fascinating Equinox questionnaire to take home)

There is ample and easy parking at the door.               

Please email or phone to book a place as they are limited



With a delightful Limekiln Supper – Wow!

Yin Yoga followed  by a shared supper with like-minded people.

What could be a better mid week treat.

The purpose of Yin Yoga is to take us out of the systems of social convention, indoctrination, and mechanistic ways of thinking, so as not to reinforce them by demanding conformity to rigid and limited paradigms. Intellectualising the practice of Yin Yoga serves to obstruct a deeper understanding of its essence. Yin melts away your stress. The real power to authorise truth is contained within each and every one of us.

Come and feel it.
(All abilities are welcome.)

Wednesday 9th October  6.30 till 9pm

(Please note this was incorrectly shown as the 7th) 

Civic Hall Uppermill OL3 6AE

Cost £25.00



Do you feel tired all the time?

Do you feel tired all the time?

There are two different kinds of tiredness:

Physical tiredness, when you have exerted yourself above your usual energy levels,

And weariness, when it is difficult to regain the joy and love for life we once had.

Sublime and totally necessary Restorative Yoga practises, – Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Blissful Relaxations,  combined with Energy Medicine, to re-pattern your body, can all help to set you back on track.

Find the joy  and energy in your life.

Saturday 19th October 

2.30pm till 5pm  £20.00

At:  The Civic Hall   Uppermill   OL3 5AE 


Take a breather.

Take a well earned rest.

Take a break from the madness to come home to yourself.

Discover the real peace and goodwill that is inside us all. Let that nourish and protect you from this day and beyond.

A wonderful set aside afternoon of remarkable Yoga, Meditations and Joy, in the company of beautiful people with hot, non-alcoholic mulled juice

to keep us cosy.

(Please remember that this books up very quickly).

Sunday 15th December  2pm till 5pm 

Denshaw Village Hall OL3  5SY

Cost  £25.00 

Easy to find with ample and easy parking outside the door

You must book to secure a place.

Either phone or email:   01457 870453    info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com




Reiki Certificate Course - Level One

Sunday 3rd November 

9.30am till 4.30pm

Cost  £95   


Reiki Certificate Course - Level Two

Wednesday   23rd October & 30th October

7pm till 9pm

Cost  £125.00


Reiki Third Degree - The Master’s Degree

Sunday 10th November           

9.30am till 4.30pm

Cost  £145.00


For more details of Reiki courses, check out the Reiki pages (links above)

Or please Email:


(Please be sure to read the full booking conditions below)



Important Notice regarding Booking Conditions

All the above workshops are very special and offer much more than a regular weekly class. Places are limited in number to allow for more individual space, a comfortable learning environment

and for individual personal attention.

They are not drop in classes and places must be booked in advance.

A phone call or email will only provisionally reserve your place,  and booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the specified deposit and a signed booking form.

The balance must then be paid before commencement of the class.

If you do not attend on the day you will be expected

to pay the full amount for your unused space.

For a day or half-day workshop, if you change your mind and are able to inform me well in advance I may be able to re-allocate your booking and you would then not be liable for payment.

If I am unable to do so, the above terms will apply to all

workshops and courses, full payment will be due.

One year courses must be paid in full regardless of attendance

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.


Please Note:

To register your interest in future events and be contacted

when dates are announced please:

Phone: 01457 870453

or By Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com