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There Really Is An Autumn Glow

Please let me welcome you with open arms and an open heart to my heavenly... Autumn Glow Workshops.


A place to relax, practice yoga, make new friends. and take time for yourself to nourish and restore your natural balance. As the warmth of the summer recedes and autumn starts to alter our surroundings, we begin to feel the evening chill and the tickle of the cooler winds.  For many yoga practitioners, the temptation is to keep practising the poses, without leaving time for the quieter times of meditation. Autumn is a transitional season and transitions can be a time to re-think our routines and take advantage of the seasonal change to make changes of our own.With this in mind and the truly inspiring teachers I have worked with over the summer, I have  put together  some seasonal yoga workshops to give you an extra boost for the coming months.

I really am looking forward to being with you again and sharing these exceptional practises. 

                         With love,

                                  – Marilyn.



Where we turn everything into gold! (maybe slight exaggeration)

The Autumn Equinox reminds me to balance all parts of myself, the active and the passive, the known and the unknown, the outer journey and the inner journey, the seen and the unseen, the logical and the intuitive, the conscious and unconscious.

From this place of Unity new doors open, new directions and new possibilities are revealed.

On this day, there are almost equal hours of daylight and darkness, offering the opportunity to balance the light of our consciousness (Yang) with the darkness of our shadow (Yin). As we acknowledge the shift into autumn, it's an ideal time to pause, draw inward, and assess what has passed, anchor into our intentions and energise our body and mind.

This two and a half hour workshop will combine balance between a fiery energetic flow with the deep relaxation and release of yin.

Plus a full Yoga Nidra to cultivate a sense of inner peace and wholeness.

Just perfect, and suitable for all abilities. 

Sunday 23rd September 

11am till 2.30pm  £20.00 



Cultivate the balance, transformation and well-being you need for Autumn in this special yin yoga workshop.

Unless we are balanced during this time of year, we are more likely to experience asthma, allergies, colds and flu, develop skin-related issues, bowel disturbances and depression or anxiety.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Autumn season correlates with the metal element and the lungs and the large intestine in the body. It's about the breath and transformation.

We can access our power to remain well and thrive in Autumn, as well as honour the comings and the goings of life, through balance.

Yin Yoga is sometimes called Insight Yoga as the quieter practise, with emphasis placed on the breath and the  sincere nurturing of inner awareness, can lead us to  deeper clarity for where we want to be.

Dreamy Savasana, is the perfect ending to this slow, steady Yoga practice.

Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. – Buddha

Friday 5th October 

6.30pm till 9pm  £20.00 



If you want to ignite your yoga practice and elevate your life to a different level, this class is perfect for you.

Beyond Asana, beyond alignment, it will build habits of health and happiness from inside to out.

The Chakra System is an ancient map detailing the seven primary energy centres, but here we will bring it all into todays language and understanding. We will demystify the Chakra system, we will aim to actually experience this energy within us, and learn to read the language of sensation. We will identify which emotions rule over which territories of the body and learn to recognise the over-active or under-active tendencies of each Chakra.
We will have a short break with a Chakra based light lunch before the afternoon's Deep-Energy meditation, working with specific Mudras and sounds for each Chakra.

The recipe for the soul food chakra lunch will be available, of course.

Saturday  27th October 

11am till 3pm  £30  with lunch 



We all have it!  ...Awaken your Inner Senses and Energy.

We all have inside us this healing energy that you can use to heal

yourself and others.

You have to open only your mind.

Yes, anyone can practise Reiki. 

Interestingly, the ability to use Reiki is not taught but rather is transmitted from teacher to student.

The student takes part in a simple and very gentle process of attunement which allows them to feel and transmit the life-force

energy that we all possess.

Yes, and most certainly, you will not be steered in any particular spiritual direction, your beliefs are your own beliefs, no one will attempt to change that. Reiki is not a religious practise and so anyone who wishes to can learn Reiki with any belief system that they hold. All the things that enhance your life path will enhance your Reiki path as well.

Reiki does not direct this energy or manipulate it in any way – it is about clearing out the pollutants that prevent free energy flow, and thereby allows healing to take place.

The Full Day Course will consist of discussion about theory, philosophy and practise. We will work with a detailed manual, a copy of which you will be given to take away on completion of the course. 

You will also be given your Reiki Level One Certificate.

Part of the Reiki ethos is the feeling of involvement, and to help in this concept is the provision of essential on-going support which will always be there for you after you complete this day and start your own Reiki journey.

Sunday 4th November 

9.30am till 4.30pm   £95  (Lunch included)        


And More Reiki:


With the Master attunement and the use of the Master Symbol, we receive the opportunity to open more and more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and to develop in ourselves the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy. Consider all the aspects of Reiki energy – besides the potential to heal – it also contains unlimited love, joy, peace, compassion, wisdom, abundance and even more. We know these are the qualities of Reiki because people experience them when giving or receiving Reiki treatments. Being a Reiki Master is not a new kind of job. It is a step further into your own self-discovery and development.

It is also a further commitment to the practice of Reiki.

Sunday 2nd December 

9.30am till 4.30pm  £125.00 



Turn off your phone, and ditch your ‘To-Do lists’.

Come instead to a lovely restorative Yoga practise. To clear the clutter from our mind and body, using special meridian energy techniques for the complete relief of stress feelings. This will  bring us back to our heart space and peace. We will finish with  the Great Harmoniser Relaxation so you will  go home with a warm Yoga glow, a relaxed body, a deep contented heart and a calm, clear mind. 

How good will that be just before Christmas?

Sunday 16th December 

2pm till 5pm  £25 



 – Mind & Breath

This course draws together the two most powerful aspects of ourselves.

Using them will change your life for the better forever.

Just  eight weeks which CAN lead you to happiness freedom and peace.

Ask yourself:

Are you having a good day, enjoying the here and now, appreciating all that you have?


Are you stressed, anxious and worrying about the future? 

If you want to feel better, reduce anxiety, learn how to handle anger, grief, stress or pain this eight week course could be exactly what is needed.

It will give you the tools, the tactics, the strategies... Even a master plan, to do just  that. It will be one class per week, for eight weeks with discussion, handouts to take home, practise and ongoing support.

We will use mindfulness techniques, Yoga breathing practises, meditation and relaxation.

It’s just so easy:

Wednesday evenings.    

Two hours with lovely people

You will feel the difference week by week

(and so will the people around you)

We can't change life but we can change ourselves and the way we look at things. We can develop the power within us to see the world as a place of beauty, encourage positive interaction with others and develop kindness and love.

Ages may range from 18 to, well, any age really!  No experience is necessary but you also can come along if you are already meditating.

It can only enhance your experience. And because it is only natural that we ‘drop off' a little, when the course finishes, there will be after care plus

on-going support, 

On the last evening we will celebrate our achievements with one of one of the Limekiln Cafe’s famous Buddha Bowls. It will be a heartfelt, heartwarming meal together.

This is a true investment in yourself and your life.

You will receive a beautiful, full manual to support your practises.


October: 10th  17th,  24th,  31st

November:  7th,  14th  21st, and  28th

Times:  7pm till 9pm

Venue:   Denshaw Village Hall

Cost :     £215.00

Deposit required £60 to secure a place

The balance is to be paid in full before the course begins,

or no later than on the first evening.

For more information, to discuss or just to chat about the subject,

contact me anytime.


YogaFoundation – LEVEL TWO

Will begin in the early 2019

It is for anyone who has completed my YogaFoundation Level One or a similar course.

It also can be for someone who has an on going practise and a deep and abiding love for yoga.

Email or telephone for more details if you are interested.

Please be aware, though, that this is not a course for a complete beginner.

You must reserve a place, and confirm with the required deposit.

Numbers are very limited

Dates to be announced soon. 



New – New – New – New – New – New – New– New – New – New – New

Very exciting retreats, now in the planning stages for 2019.

Weekends close by and pastures new.

And even more thrilling... For maybe two weeks!


New – New – New – New – New – New – New– New – New – New – New


Please note the venues:

Workshops at Corbett Way.  Mindfulness at Denshaw Village Hall

Please contact me to check availability, then follow with a deposit to secure your place.

Call:  01457 870453          Email:


The above workshops and courses usually book up very early and very quickly. Phone or email to reserve your place and follow up with the appropriate deposit to secure it.

Numbers are limited so please book your place early.

It will be lovely to see you.


Contact me by:

Email   info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

Telephone  01457 870453



(Please be sure to read the full booking conditions below)



Important Notice regarding Booking Conditions

All the above workshops are very special and offer much more than a regular weekly class. Places are limited in number to allow for more individual space, a comfortable learning environment

and for individual personal attention.

They are not drop in classes and places must be booked in advance.

A phone call or email will only provisionally reserve your place,  and booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the specified deposit and a signed booking form.

The balance must then be paid before commencement of the class.

If you do not attend on the day you will be expected

to pay the full amount for your unused space.

For a day or half-day workshop, if you change your mind and are able to inform me well in advance I may be able to re-allocate your booking and you would then not be liable for payment.

If I am unable to do so, the above terms will apply to all

workshops and courses, full payment will be due.

One year courses must be paid in full regardless of attendance

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.




Please Note:

To register your interest in future events and be contacted

when dates are announced please:

Phone: 01457 870453

or Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com