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What’s Happening In The Yoga World  2019 ?


For me, 2018 was  an interesting year.I feel so blessed to do what I do and grateful to spend my life around yoga people. This journey is never dull as we face obstacles, learn about ourselves, our friendships with others and with ourself. I am learning more and more to see the beauty in a simple life and working, as always, towards more time for self care and fun. As I reflect upon 2018 I feel I have learned  a lot about life, what matters to me and how important yoga is to my world.

Please have a look and see if you might like to join me in these special seasonal yoga workshops to keep you supported through the winter months, and with  longer courses to further your yoga and extend your knowledge. Lots of fun, nourishment and joy and deep deep yoga to inspire you to reach your own full potential.


Thank you to all who have given to the Homeless of Manchester

We are still collecting Pot Noodles, Porridge Pots and chocolate.

The homeless are still hungry even though Christmas present giving is over. Collection is always at general classes.. Many thanks to you all from all at Cold Nights who go out twice a week, every week to serve these people

They are true Angels


With love and blessings to all 

I look forward to seeing you  for some lovely  yoga very shortly



Coming Very Soon To a Mat Near You?


Greet this new year with Nourishment and De-Tox

( Your Body Will Love You For It! )

This is the new year the new you.

You can pass through another year, coasting on cruise control. Or you can step out of your comfort zone, trying things you have never done before, and make 2019 as the year that you elevate from where you are & soar high. Make it happen!” Get rid of the winter blues, the sluggish, brain fog feeling and move into 2019 clean and dancing and with a clarity of mind. How will that happen? Yoga, mudras, breathing and by playing with a mind-blowingly different, dynamic meditation.

This is Nourishment on all levels

After all that we can fill the spaces we have created with nourishment good energy and a feeling of spaciousness that will stay with us.

Plus the company of like minded people to share a bowl of amazing soul food soup. It’s not just soup, with all the relevant health food bits in,

it has been created with love and Reiki energy.

You will feel it

You will leave feeling glowing inside and out. You will feel the wonderful, wonderful nourishment of being in great company plus

having a bit of a laugh and chat together.


Sunday 20th January – at my house in Denshaw (limited numbers)

11am till 1.30pm

Oh yes! 

Here it is…


Warm your body and soul at this essential oils and spa yoga workshop


What is that?

It is slow, flow floor-based whole-body sensory-experienced yin style yoga.

We will engage all five of our senses with soft candle light, soothing music, aromatherapy, massage and a renewed awareness of taste (there might even be chocolate!)

Spa aligns us with our inner wisdom of deep relaxation.

The physical practise gives us time to open the  body’s subtle energy and prepares us to experience new depths in an extended guided relaxation.

Each workshop attendee will have a chance to create their own blend of essential oil and leave with a 10 ml roller ball of your own custom creation!NUMBERS ARE LIMITED, so please be prepared to put down a £15 deposit.

If there is no deposit there will be no place.

Saturday 26th January

3pm till 5.30 pm 




This is an immersive experience, using yoga and sound to unravel the effects of our busy everyday lives.

You will be guided to a deeply relaxed state in which the body's incredible capacity for healing and repair can work at its best. Whether you're recovering from illness or injury, need a break from ongoing stress, or simply want to give yourself two hours of complete rest and relaxation, this workshop is for you. We begin with a restorative yoga practice, and Tibetan Healing exercises. We then take your mind on a journey through Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation, returning with the sound of sacred instruments and closing with some soft chanting.

This session is suitable for all, everyone is welcome.

Please advise me if you are pregnant, have a pace-maker or an abnormal heart rhythm so that I can adjust your session accordingly.

Sunday 3rd March 

2pm till 4pm 




Would you like wonderful afternoon of yoga, and meditation and explore the journey through the wheel of the year.

The wheel of the year continues to turn with the coming of Spring. A time  for yourself, to use yoga and meditation to ease away the Winter and set your intentions for the lighter, warmer months ahead. The energising workshop will be filled with heart opening yoga practices, awakening breathing practices, meditation, and a candle to take and carry your Springtime wish home with you. This workshop is designed to release stress, winter blues, quiet the mind, release limiting beliefs, inspire change, encourage self-expression and open the heart. Working with yoga postures, pranayama and meditative practices to build an inner warmth and a gentle openness to move us towards summer

Book now. There are limited places. 

Saturday  16th March

2pm till 4.30pm



All are welcome at  these classes and courses - from the stiff, injured, inflexible and stressed to the experienced yogis and fellow teachers. The classes are creative, and are both playful and joyous.

I believe Yoga should be a delight and the mat a happy place.


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The third degree is the most exciting part of this amazing healing system.

It is the teaching degree where you will learn to pass Reiki to others. Here you will learn the two remaining  symbols, receive the third degree attunement and how to convey an attunement. Much like second degree, the third degree is  more about fine-tuning your life force energy (and not so much about amplifying ‘your power’). The third  degree is about dropping the ego’s drive to be ‘better’ or ‘more powerful’ and finally to realise that you are ‘Reiki itself’.  

Saturday 16th February 

9.30am till 4.30pm 


Including, of course, your full manual , lunch and

all Reiki exchanges.


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The much awaited YogaFoundation Level 2 is now underway

and ready to go.

If you have completed YogaFoundation Level 1 ,or similar, or any teacher training, and wish to move deeper, then it is time for YFL2. 

There will be  space to use much more potent pranayama and meditation. Delving more deeply  we will come to an understanding  of the great philosophy in the yoga texts.  YFL2 is grounded in the classical traditions of the Yoga texts, Patanjali’s Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita. Yoga has transformed my life and I feel honoured to pass on the things that I  have learned so far as a student of Yoga. 

Application form with dates and course structure available.

Please email


Click –here

To open a page in your browser with information and an

application form that you can print out or download.


And for those waiting for the new YogaFoundationLevel 1…

The brand new, life changing course.

It is a course that will give you all of the skills and confidence you need in your yoga  journey  and will run over a full 12 months. One weekend day per month, and will cover yoga philosophy, history, meditation, asana work, magical mudras, chanting and pranayama. It is a wonderful foundation for everyone who wants to learn more, go deeper, and to experience yoga on a profound and personal level It  is a prerequisite for anyone who would like to go on to teach yoga. Time will be taken to find the right teacher training course for you if this is where you want to go.  Specialist teachers will be invited to broaden our knowledge. Places are limited for this course

Register your interest by email and more details will be sent to you.

We can arrange a chat if you wish and answer any questions

you might have.

There is already a waiting list and these students will be offered

the first places. 

Begins July 2019 

Please email for application form with dates and course structure. 


Click – here

To open a page in your browser with information and an

application form that you can print out or download. 


Drop-in sessions, All are welcome.

Every Monday 6.30pm till 7.30 pm 

£5.00 per session 



Will begin in March/April on Wednesday evenings at

Denshaw Village Hall

If you would like details of this please email.


YOGA RETREATS – dates now fixed:

I have now Finalised the Retreat to Malham Tarn.

A thoroughly delightful and uplifting weekend Yoga retreat in June.

To an off-the-beaten-track location that will give us the opportunity to re-connect with ourselves and with the beautiful northern English landscape.

Malham Tarn Weekend: – Sorry Now Fully Booked

28th to 30th June 2019. 

Full Details on request, please email me direct.

These retreats do seem to book up very quickly, so please, if you are interested, register your interest with me as soon as you can.

Places can be reserved only upon my receipt of the full deposit and then the balance will need to be paid, in full, at least immediately BEFORE the event.

Go to more information on TheMalham Tarn Weekend
Yoga Retreat –
Click here

To open a PDF Booking Form, in your browser, that you can save
and print out  –
Click here


And then there is the Indian Adventure.– Sorry Now Fully Booked

It is still in the planning stage for November 2019 (for two weeks) so keep an eye on the website. Details will be published here as soon as everything is fully confirmed and in place…

Stay tuned!

                    ...This is not an event to be missed.


All the above workshops and courses are held at

8 Corbett Way, Denshaw. OL3 5SX, 

in our lovely space overlooking the tranquil pond.

Numbers are limited so please book your place early.

It will be lovely to see you.

Contact me by:

Email   info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

Telephone  01457 870453



(Please be sure to read the full booking conditions below)



Important Notice regarding Booking Conditions

All the above workshops are very special and offer much more than a regular weekly class. Places are limited in number to allow for more individual space, a comfortable learning environment

and for individual personal attention.

They are not drop in classes and places must be booked in advance.

A phone call or email will only provisionally reserve your place,  and booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the specified deposit and a signed booking form.

The balance must then be paid before commencement of the class.

If you do not attend on the day you will be expected

to pay the full amount for your unused space.

For a day or half-day workshop, if you change your mind and are able to inform me well in advance I may be able to re-allocate your booking and you would then not be liable for payment.

If I am unable to do so, the above terms will apply to all

workshops and courses, full payment will be due.

One year courses must be paid in full regardless of attendance

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.



Please Note:

To register your interest in future events and be contacted

when dates are announced please:

Phone: 01457 870453

or By Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com