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New Workshops For Spring–Summer 2018

I really haven’t been hibernating!

It has been a while since I contacted you all in this way, and it feels great to back in touch again! 

I hope that you are all managing to stay buoyant through what has seemed like a very long and fairly bleak winter. Joy is on the horizon now as the buds are breaking through, green shoots and fresh little flower heads peek out of the soil and the birds cheerfully singing us awake in the  mornings.

There are some tremendous workshops and courses here, that I have prepared, which I am certain will enhance your life and lift you to a new level of enjoyment.

So off we go with another summer season of uplifting Yoga, and I really do look forward to being with you again. My very best wishes to you all.





Freshen up your body, your mind and your life…

But  even more than that, and just as important, we will put healing, creative energy back into the spaces we have cleared. A morning of shifting unwanted feelings, holding-patterns, poisons, mental as well as physical, and filling the newly-cleared spaces with wonderful positive healing energy.

We will use yoga movements, meditation  mudras, beautiful breath work, Tibetan Healing Practises and Energy Medicine Yoga.

All are welcome. Any age, size, sex, or ability.

Sunday 3rd June   11am till 1.30pm   £20 

Venue:  Denshaw 



Awaken your Inner Senses and Energy

Yes, we all have it.

We all have inside us this healing energy that you can use to heal yourself and others. You have to open only your mind.

Yes, anyone can practise Reiki. 

Interestingly, the ability to use Reiki is not taught but rather is transmitted from teacher to student.

The student takes part in a simple and very gentle process of attunement which allows them to feel and transmit the life force energy

that we all possess.

Yes, most certainly, you will not be steered in any particular spiritual direction, your beliefs are your own beliefs,

no one will attempt to change that.

Reiki is not a religious practise and so anyone who wishes to can learn Reiki with any belief system that they have.

Things that enhance your life path will enhance your Reiki path as well.

Reiki does not direct this energy or manipulate it in any way – it is about clearing out the pollutants that prevent free energy flow, and thereby allowing healing to take place.

The Full Day Course will consist of discussion about theory philosophy and practise. We will work with a detailed manual, a copy of which you will be given to take away on completion of the course. 

You will also be given your Reiki Level One Certificate.

Part of the Reiki ethos is the feeling of involvement, and to help in this concept is the provision of essential on going support which will always be there for you after you complete this day and start your Reiki journey.

Sunday 17th June   9.30am till 4.30pm   £95  (Lunch included)    

Venue:  Denshaw



Starting our practise with flowing hip openers and slowly but surely moving into stillness to  find the peace inside with heavenly yin and beautiful breath sequences…

You will  experience and enjoy the tranquility the silence, the stillness, which brings an energy to the body and a clarity to the mind.

These feelings can stay with you long after the practise.

Sunday 24th June   11am till 1.30pm    £20.00

Venue:  Denshaw



Pure time for yourself.

Allow yourself to indulge in this sublimely revitalising session.

Using Neal’s Yard organic essential oils to enhance and deepen both your yoga and your meditation practise to experience a  dreamy relaxation

like never before 

We will reach the finale of this session with a scrummy organic lunch. To eat beautiful food with like-minded people always enriches the occasion.

Our friends at The Limekiln Cafe will make for us one of their famous Buddha Bowls (I am pretty sure The Buddha didn’t get his beatific smile and lovely belly from JUST practising mindfulness) The Limekiln’s Buddha Bowls (a bowl full of goodness) are so delicious I think they must have got the recipe from the man himself  A holiday for body, mind and spirit.

Lunch, drinks and all Neal’s Yard luscious oils and creams are included

Sunday  July 8th   11am till 3 pm   £30

Venue:  Denshaw



A MiddleSummer Yoga Celebration at Middleton

Wonderful yoga reflecting the qualities of the sun as a means of deepening our awareness of, and connection to, the centre of our being, our heart.

Saturday 30th June 2018   From 10.30am till 4pm   £20

Venue:  All Saints and Martyrs Church,  Wood Street Middleton,  Manchester,  M24 5GL


  ...New For 2018…New For 2018…New For 2018…New For 2018...


Live for Today…Breathe for Life

This course draws together the two most powerful aspects of our self.

Using them will change your life, for the better, forever.

Just eight weeks which can lead you to happiness freedom and peace.

Ask yourself:

‘Are you having a good day, enjoying the here and now, appreciating all that you have?’


‘Are you stressed, anxious and worrying about the future?’

If you want to feel better, reduce anxiety and learn how to handle anger, grief, stress or pain this eight-week course could be exactly what will help you. It will give you the tools, tactics, strategies and even a ‘master plan’ to do just that. It will be eight weeks with discussion, handouts to take home, practise and on-going support. We will use mindfulness techniques, yoga breathing practises, meditation and relaxation.

At the close of the last evening, we will join together in a celebration meal with the Limekiln Cafe’s famous Buddha Bowls on our menu. A delightfully social way to finish this series of life-enriching sessions.

It is easy to become involved…

Take eight short spots on Wednesday evenings – just two hours in a group of lovely people.

By sharing this time, you will feel the difference week by week (and so will the people around you).

We can't change life itself, but we can change our own self and the way we look at things. We can develop the power within us to see the world as a place of beauty, make positive interaction with others and develop kindness and love.

No previous previous experience in these areas is necessary, and you can also come along if you are already meditating, it will only enhance your experience.

Age does not matter, the right time to be involved is now.

Because it is natural that we perhaps fade from our commitment over time, after the course finishes there will be after care and on-going support,  

This is a true investment in your self and your life


June  6th,  13th,  20th,  27th.  July  4th,  11th,  18th,  25th.   From 7pm till 9pm

Venue   Denshaw Village Hall

Cost      £215.00

A £60 deposit is required to secure a place.

The balance is to be paid in full before the course begins

(or at the latest, on the first evening).



After taking Level One,

the next step is Reiki Level Two – The Practitioners Degree

This is sometimes the most exciting of all the levels of Reiki.

It is where the power of the energy is amplified. Attunement to Reiki Level Two opens your heart chakra, which is the mid-point and connector between the physical and spiritual or universal realms. Once your heart chakra opens, your intuition increases and your sensitivity to subtle energies is heightened. You will learn three sacred symbols which can enable distant, or absentee healing. Helping to deal with relationships, situations from the past, and begin the healing of deeper traumas.

The practice of healing through second-level Reiki can be profound, as it is considered a quantum leap forward on your spiritual path. It will also indicate your soul’s desire to be of service to others through sharing unconditional love. I truly look forward to having you join me on this fascinating Reiki journey towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

Any help and guidance that you may need will be given to you even after your attunement has been done and your certificate issued. My support and advice is available to you for as long as you need it.

Please note:

You must have completed a Reiki Level One Course and received a certificate to proceed to Level Two.

On completion of Level Two you will be given your Certificate. 

Dates:  Two Wednesday Evenings,  August 1st & 8th

From 6.30pm till 9.30pm

Cost  £125.00  (which includes your full manual and certificate) 

Venue:  Denshaw

Please contact me to  check availability, then follow with a deposit to secure your place.

Telephone: 01457 870453   or  email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

I am really looking forward to being with you again and to share these exceptional practises.

With love from




The above workshops and courses usually book up very early and very quickly. Phone or email to reserve your place and follow up with the appropriate deposit to secure it.

Numbers are limited so please book your place early.

It will be lovely to see you.


Contact me by:

Email   info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

Telephone  01457 870453



(Please be sure to read the full booking conditions below)



Important Notice regarding Booking Conditions

All the above workshops are very special and offer much more than a regular weekly class. Places are limited in number to allow for more individual space, a comfortable learning environment

and for individual personal attention.

They are not drop in classes and places must be booked in advance.

A phone call or email will only provisionally reserve your place,  and booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the specified deposit and a signed booking form.

The balance must then be paid before commencement of the class.

If you do not attend on the day you will be expected

to pay the full amount for your unused space.

For a day or half-day workshop, if you change your mind and are able to inform me well in advance I may be able to re-allocate your booking and you would then not be liable for payment.

If I am unable to do so, the above terms will apply to all

workshops and courses, full payment will be due.

One year courses must be paid in full regardless of attendance

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.




Please Note:

To register your interest in future events and be contacted

when dates are announced please:

Phone: 01457 870453

or Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com