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Let’s Greet 2018 with a Great Big Welcome…

…And start the new year by dedicating yourself

to the practice of yoga.


If you are interested in intuitive organic movement, meditation and energetic awareness in your Yoga practice, you will find all that here in these courses. They will help you feel your best, helping you to stay bright and breezy throughout this winter. Some are wonderfully physical openings and stretchings to allow more freedom of movement and others are classics for us to re-visit again and again. I  have learned  that when you practise Yoga  honestly you wake up every day inspired and ready to

tune-in to your own purpose in your life.

All of these workshops are dedicated to that goal.

Please read through the following lost of courses and be inspired to join in.

There is something for everyone.

                                          With love,




Pure time for yourself.

There are times in life when we all need to retreat from everyday routine.

To take a breather, se we can change, fundamentally, how we feel about ourselves and our lives. There is no better gift we can give ourselves at the beginning of the year, to ensure the next 12 months are focused, purposeful and successful. If you want 2018 to deliver, this day could be just for you.

A whole day with great company, excellent food, and time, time, time for yourself. The morning will focus on wonderful cleansing practises and the excellent ‘Yoga For Digestion’. The afternoon will be nourishing, nurturing, more yin based yoga with breathing, visualisations and meditation practises. There will be a terrific organic lunch made for us by

The Limekiln Cafe.

Join me and set yourself up ready to embrace life. 

Sunday 7th January 2018

10am till 4.30pm    Cost:  £50.00

Including: lunch, snacks, afternoon tea and drinks



Reiki Two, Possibly the most exciting degree of all.

You will be introduced and attuned to three Usui Reiki symbols

– The Distant symbol

– The Mental & Emotional Symbol

– The Power Symbol

Including how, where and when you would use them.

You will learn the much used technique of absent or distant healing. 

You will receive a full manual and a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Certificate upon successful completion of this course.

Beautiful organic lunch included.

Sunday 14th January 2018 

9.30am till 4.30pm   Cost:  £125 



Be able to tune into to your own inner voice and intuition.

Beautiful Yin workshop relishing the comfort of winter with candle lit meditations and using meditation balms.

A perfect time to dive deeper, go slower, be quieter.

Friday 19th January 2018 

6.30pm till 9pm   Cost:  £20 



Suitable for all ages, all abilities. It’s great for everyone!

If you are feeling sluggish and low on energy.

If you want to get up and go but feel totally unable to.

This could be for you.

Flowing Yoga which will make you will feel lighter, freer and ready

to face anything.

Deep, deep,. energising-holding postures to open hips and release the pelvis where a lot of our energy gets stuck. It’s a clearing out on

a different level.

When we work with deep physical, postures, our mind naturally seeks to follow and so we are left with the extra bonus of gaining more clarity. 

Sunday 21st January 2018 

2pm till 4.30pm   Cost:  £20.00 



A different kind of Away-Day…

We spend so much time living in our heads - to hold down our jobs, our relationships and the various responsibilities that define adult life - we tend to over-ride our body and the messages it has for us. This is especially true when it comes to falling energy levels which can be the first indicator of a health challenge. We opt for more coffee, more sugar, more exercise even, and sheer force of will.  However we don't need to go to great effort to alter how we live, or introduce unrealistially lengthy practices into our lives. Just a few mindful steps can make all the difference, replenishing the well so that our reserves are deeper and we can ride any storms with a little more ease, . Remember how you feel after a yoga class, imagine how it’s going to be after a full day. Enjoying the company of like minded people, wonderful yoga flows and deeper postures,mudras, bandhas new ideas, meditations, relaxations and visualisations.

And to add to it all The Limekiln Cafe will make a gorgeous organic nourishing lunch for us.

These  Retreat Days have become extremely popular and essential. 

Suitable for all ages and abilities

Comments from previous students about Retreat Days:

“I felt so clear afterwards… everything fell back into perspective”

“It felt as though I had had a real holiday”

“ I just kept on smiling for days afterwards”

Saturday  27th January 2018 

10am till 4.30pm   Cost:  £50.00 



“I would relax, if only I had a mind to”  How many times have you said that?

This workshop will be a luxurious opportunity to explore the power of stillness in different forms.

We start by opening up the body, filling every single part with breath and awareness, so that we naturally become more grounded, centred

and mindful.

By this, we move into stillness and quiet.

Our breath work will aim to effortlessly extend those moments when the body and breath become still. If you can breathe you can be mindful and if you can be mindful you can transform your whole life. 

Sunday  4th February 2018 

11am till 1.30pm     Cost:  £20 



…Back to the Light

As the days start to lighten, we too can lighten up, deep cleansing with beautiful breath work. We will include the wonderful Inner Axis breathing - you will feel so different after this , and its easy to learn. If you can bring it into your daily life or yoga practise you will feel the  enormous benefits. And  we will be practising  mindfulness breathing step by step which brings calmness peace and an inner strength that will gently permeate

your whole life

Handouts to take home included for these practises.

Sunday 11th  February  2018 

1pm till 3pm      Cost:  £20.00 


Don’t Forget! 


Drop in classes, Every Monday evening

On-going practise and nurturing for all, knowing you can always be guided to breathe, relax  going to that place of peace and strength. Wonderful hour of being with like-minded people and bringing yourself back home.

6.30 till 7.30pm  (In Denshaw, Saddleworth.)  

Cost:  £5.00 per session 


NEW – YogaFoundation Level 1 Course

A major step on from one-day workshops.

My wonderful new YogaFoundation course filled up so very quickly last year that I am starting another one early in 2018.

It is a course that will give you all of the skills and confidence that you need on your Yoga journey.

Running over a full 12 months, YogaFoundation from MarilynYoga occupies one weekend-day per month, and will cover yoga philosophy, history, meditation, asana work, magical mudras and pranayama. It is a wonderful foundation for everyone who wants to learn more, go deeper, and to experience yoga on a profound and personal level.

It is a prerequisite for anyone who would like to go on to teach yoga.

(And time will be taken to find the right teacher training course for you if this is where you want to go.)

Places are limited for this course.

Please register your interest by email  I will send more details to you.

We can arrange a chat, if you wish, to answer any questions you may have..

There is already a waiting list and these students will be offered the first places.  

If you think this is the course for you, PLEASE HURRY, it may fill up very quickly.


All the above workshops and courses are held at

8 Corbett Way, Denshaw. OL3 5SX,

in our lovely space overlooking the tranquil pond.

They usually book up very early and very quickly.

Phone or email reserve your place and follow with a £10 deposit to secure your place. (YogaFoundation has different booking details)

Numbers are limited so please book your place early.

It will be lovely to see you.

Contact me by:

Email   info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com

Telephone  01457 870453



(Please be sure to read the full booking conditions below)



Important Notice regarding Booking Conditions

All the above workshops are very special and offer much more than a regular weekly class. Places are limited in number to allow for more individual space, a comfortable learning environment

and for individual personal attention.

They are not drop in classes and places must be booked in advance.

A phone call or email will only provisionally reserve your place,  and booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the specified deposit and a signed booking form.

The balance must then be paid before commencement of the class.

If you do not attend on the day you will be expected

to pay the full amount for your unused space.

For a day or half-day workshop, if you change your mind and are able to inform me well in advance I may be able to re-allocate your booking and you would then not be liable for payment.

If I am unable to do so, the above terms will apply to all

workshops and courses, full payment will be due.

One year courses must be paid in full regardless of attendance

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.




Please Note:

To register your interest in future events and be contacted

when dates are announced please:

Phone: 01457 870453

or Email: info[at]marilynyoga[dot]com