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My Own Special Courses:
YogaTWO & YogaTWO+plus

Are new, structured, Certificated Courses.
These are everything I had hoped they would become. It would seem it is just what people are looking for... something more than the regular yoga class, structured and nurturing and just for you. The courses are on-going and the next one will begin soon and some places are always booked in advance. It is a very valuable course for students and teachers alike. One of the great things is being with like minded people. We have other teachers with specialist knowledge coming in too. These courses are the distillation of my life in yoga, my learning and my experience. It is my passion and my joy to pass them on to you.

They are one Saturday or Sunday per month.

Running over twelve months.

A total of 60 hours. 

FOR DETAILS OF THE NEXT COURSES: Please contact me direct.


We will:
Discover – when yoga touches us, it truly transforms us.
Practise pranayama – the art of breathing.

Before pranayama, you can be at the mercy of your emotions. Better breathing gives better health, increased vitality,more clarity.
Experience sound Yoga – mantras, miraculous words of power
Learn mudras – magical hand and finger gestures that have

a profound effect on our psyche.
Know how Yoga can harness the mind – with life-enriching

affirmations for a more positive, productive and creative outlook

on the world.
Look at nutrition – in its whole context.
Manage stress – how to live with it, use it and live creatively as a result of it.
There will also be days when other tutors with specialist knowledge will be brought in.


The Venue: Saddleworth Oldham.
There will be fresh fruit/veg juices made especially for you,

plus coffees, teas, and herbal teas will be available all day.
The courses are regulated by the British Wheel of Yoga
[the lead body for yoga in this country].
You will be required to be a member of the BWY also.

(See their website for current membership details).

These deeper practices of yoga will help to trigger your own powers of transformation in order to regenerate your energy, rejuvenate your body and help you come closer to living from the core of your being – with authenticity. We will learn ways to detoxify the body and eliminate the burden of physical and emotional waste.


A few words from previous students

from my Courses:

Carol Cheadle in Cheshire...
I attended Marilyn's Foundation Level 1 course and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It was very informative, a super venue (very comfortable and accommodating) and a great group to boot.
 Marilyn is a very generous teacher in that she is happy for everyone to join in with their output and ideas.  Also, I found her to be a very kind person as she didn't push anyone to do anything they didn't want to do (or couldn't do), nor did she make anyone feel uncomfortable.  I think we were all sorry when the course came to an end and I, for one, would gladly go back to do some of Marilyn's Yoga Days.

Julia Bawden, from Halifax...

I would say "if you would like to explore the world of Yoga beyond your weekly class, and are looking for a supportive, friendly atmosphere in which to do so, then I would highly recommend Marilyn's course. She will guide you through the various aspects of Yoga, giving you insight as to how you can incorporate yoga into your daily life, and you'll have a lot of fun along the way, make new friends and drink lots of lovely freshly made juice!"... 

Jacqui Quale...

I was encouraged to go on a BWY Foundation course by my yoga teacher after expressing an interest in furthering my knowledge of yoga and came across your course on the BWY web site. I was very nervous on the first day, remember leaving really early as I was coming from Cheshire, a bit of a trek over the moors, and  I walked in with my friend, to find that your description of the setting in your advert did not do it justice!
 It is a perfect setting, beautiful white painted yoga room, with a big gold Om on one wall, french windows out onto a large pond, and book shelves filled with yoga books that we could borrow throughout the course.

The floor deserves a mention too, under floor heating really helped our yoga nidra!
The morning always started off with freshly squeezed juices made by Marilyn, and casual chat with the other students, then we would work through yoga poses in the morning, bandhas, headstands, etc, beautifully instructed by Marilyn, with real attention to detail to help us attain a more peaceful pose. We would also work in partners, which was very beneficial. A light lunch, on the little porch overlooking the pond, weather permitting, then we would perhaps discuss the yoga sutras in detail, and we would always finish with a beautiful yoga nidra. Marilyn also varied the days, we had an ayurvedic specialist in on one day, and we discussed our doshas, and then food which suited our own dosha, brilliant. We also worked with different types of meditations and chanting.
I particularly liked the walking meditation outside in the beautiful area surrounding Marilyns home, the mandala work (a whole hour to ourselves colouring in, then meditating on the mandala that we had just so painstakingly coloured, brilliant), the great help with the postures, and the in depth knowledge of the yoga sutras, to name but a few.
This course gave me the inspiration to carry on with the Diploma course, and I have been fully qualified for almost 18 months now as a BWY teacher. I taught the mandala colouring in on my first retreat, and it worked just as well as I knew it would!
I would (and often do) highly recommend Marilyn's Foundation course to my students, wether you want to teach or not, and if I wasn't so busy would do it again myself!

But if you have any more questions, would like to discuss any aspect of the course, or you would like to register an interest in the next one, you are very welcome to contact me at anytime:

By telephone, 01457 870453
By Email:

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